Commitment issues? Our packs are designed for you. Top up as you go but don’t forget to use them before they expire.

3 Classes

2 weeks expiry


On The Go
1 Class

2 weeks expiry


5 Classes

6 weeks expiry


10 Classes

3 months expiry



Ready to commit? Find a consistent rhythm of classes for best results. Our memberships offer the lowest price per class. Don’t worry you won’t be locked in forever, if you want to stop your membership, just reach out before your renewal date.

4 Sessions


8 Sessions


12 Sessions



Intro Class

Take the first step towards your Lagree journey with the Intro to Lagree class. This full body workout on the Megaformer machine combines strength and flexibility for a session that boosts endurance, sculpts muscles, and defines your core. Led by expert instructors, you will be introduced to the machine and to the basic Lagree moves. Once you see results, it becomes an addiction!

Classic Lagree

Experience the ultimate full-body transformation with our classic Lagree class! This high-energy workout on the Megaformer machine combines strength, flexibility and cardio conditioning for a dynamic session that boosts endurance, defines muscles, and ignites your core. Led by expert instructors, this class will leave you feeling stronger, more balanced, and energised. This class caters to all fitness levels however we recommend at least 3 Intro to Lagree classes prior to booking the Classic one.

Glutes & Core

Experience a fiery fusion of strength and sculpting in our Core & Glutes focused class. While still a full body workout, this specialized Lagree session on the Megaformer targets your core and glutes, intensifying both strength and flexibility. This class will ignite your muscles, leaving you feeling empowered and ready to conquer new fitness heights.


Upper & Core

Ignite your core strength and sculpt your upper body with our specialized class. While still a full body workout, this Lagree session on the Megaformer hones in on your core while toning and defining your upper body muscles. Experience a combination of strength and balance for a transformative session designed to deliver fast results.



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