Bringing you the most satisfying full body workout that is both high intensity and low impact in a charming and personal space, in the heart of Madrid.

AMA is the only megaformer studio (think Pilates but better!) in Spain, based on Los Angeles’ favourite, “how-is-this-so-good”, Lagree method.

Experience the megaformer machine in its original intended use in perfect harmony with our choreographed Lagree routines providing an exceptional fitness and toning experience

Keeping it Fresh

We love variety! We shake things up with new routines to keep the vibe alive, challenging, and fun. Pro-tip: try out different instructors to get the most variety in your workouts.

Get that Heart Pumping

Our routines are crafted to pump up your heart rate. Stay in the optimal fat-burning zone, which activates a significant afterburn effect. This targeted approach is key to sculpting a more refined shape.

It´s more Fun Together

Our classes hold up to four Lagreers, letting that group energy push you through our most challenging moves and holds. At AMA, you’ll feel part of a community of people looking to grow and transform.

Personal Touch

Small classes mean you’ll get the right attention from our instructor to correct your form and get the encouragement you need, helping you maximize your workout efficacy and achieve your fitness goals with confidence.


Loved by fitness enthusiasts and practiced in over 500 fitness studios worldwide, the Lagree Method is specifically engineered to strengthen, tighten, and tone the muscles effectively and efficiently without adding any excessive stress on the joints, connective tissues, and the spine.

The method focuses on creating a balance between high-intensity and low-impact movements. It will raise your heart rate like a cardio workout, build and strengthen lean muscles, strip fat, and carve your core. The result is a transformed body and mind.

The Megaformer

A patented, fully equipped machine, it integrates resistance and counter-resistance mechanisms and allows for a unique blend of strength, endurance, cardio, balance, and flexibility training in every session.

Lagree vs Pilates

Lagree uses a bodybuilding training technique to effectively combine strength training with endurance and core. Lagree will leave your body shaking, sweating, and sore the next day!

Keep it Slow for Maximum Results

Each Lagree repetition lasts 8 seconds or more, with no momentum involved. By slowing down and focusing the effort, you target the muscles responsible for endurance, fat burning, toning, and sculpting.

Leave the Break Till the End

Fast transitions in Lagree training ensure that your workout remains intense and efficient. By swiftly moving from one exercise to the next, you keep your heart rate up, maximizing calorie burn and endurance.


If you’re just getting started on your fitness journey or you’re looking to integrate Lagree into your workout routine, schedule a 15 minute consultation and we’re here to answer any questions you have.

Our Foundation Program consists of private 1 on 1 sessions with a certified Lagree instructor. Designed for clients of all fitness levels to start their Lagree journey. The aim of the Foundation Program is to support you in integrating Lagree into your routine before joining our group classes, making the most out of them. These sessions will be tailored to your level of fitness and goals and as little as 1 session can make a huge difference to how beneficial Lagree will be to you. Read on to get an understanding of what you can expect from these sessions.

1 PT Session

The sessions will focus on understanding the basic principles and familiarizing yourself with the Megaformer. You will leave having learn the basic techniques that will help you get the most out of our group classes.

Price 75€

3 PT Sessions

When just getting into Lagree, classes can be challenging to follow and endure. A pack of 3 will ensure you get comfortable with the rhythm and the technique, and will get you on the right trajectory to building muscular strength.

5 PT Sessions

If you are just starting your fitness journey and are serious about transforming your body and life we suggest a pack of 5 PT classes. You will come out of it having mastered form, built confidence taking any Lagree class and already seeing some changes in your body and muscular strength.


Do I need to be in shape to start Lagree?

Absolutely not! Lagree is designed for individuals at all fitness levels. Our certified instructors are here to guide you through each move and modify exercises to meet your current fitness level.

What should I bring to my first class?

Wear comfortable workout clothes that allow for movement and grips socks to keep your footing steady on the Megaformer (grip socks are also available for purchase at the studio).

How long is each class?

Each Lagree class is 50 minutes long, designed to maximize your workout efficiently within a short period.

How often should I attend Lagree classes?

For optimal results, we recommend attending 2-3 classes per week. This allows your body to rest between sessions while maintaining a consistent and effective fitness routine.

Can I do Lagree if I have an injury?

Many people find Lagree to be a suitable workout option when recovering from certain injuries, thanks to its low-impact nature. However, we strongly recommend consulting with your healthcare provider before starting any new exercise program.

Will I lose weight with Lagree?

Combined with a balanced diet, Lagree can be an effective way to lose weight. It boosts metabolism, burns fat, and builds lean muscle, contributing to an overall leaner physique.

Is there a beginner class?

Yes, we offer introductory classes for those new to Lagree or looking to understand the basics before joining regular sessions. These classes focus on form, machine use, and foundational movements.

What is the cancellation policy?

We require a 12-hour notice for class cancellations. Late cancellations or no-shows may result in a class being deducted from your package or a fee, depending on your membership type.

Still curious?

For more enquiries, please contact